Filipe Carrera
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Filipe Carrera is keynote speaker and a trainer with a big experience in the business and academic world, that enables him to create a unique and fun learning experience.

His main topics are:


He did hundreds of presentations in English, Spanish and Portuguese in about 50 countries, in 4 continents, helping thousands of people and organizations to win in more global and social world. He was awarded “Most Outstanding Trainer in Europe” and “Most Outstanding Trainer in the World” by JCI.

Author of the books “Digital Marketing: Version 2.0” (available in Portuguese), “Networking – Your Professional Survival Guide” (available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Romanian and Mongolian) and "Communicate 2.0 – The Art of Communicating in the 21st Century" (available in Portuguese, English and Spanish).

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testemunhos ico Testimonials

"I met Filipe at the JCI European Conference in Maastricht and it changed my life. He has made a presentation about "How to be a perfect Networker". It was an inspiring session, fun and too short. I whish I could have assisted at his presentation in the next day. He doesn't only gave us very useful information about how to become a better person, he did it in a way that we will always remind. One day I would like to do presentations like that: in an easy, fun, and interesting way."
Rudolf Greger, Áustria